Thursday, December 30, 2010

Windshield Mount

Windshield Mount on sale at Amazon:


iPhoneTrip for iPad/iPhone Rentals

Get internet sim card to travel with iPhone and iPad.
- Unlimited 3G internet access everywhere
- Free VoIP international phone calls over 3G network
- GPS navigation with free maps
- iPad and iPhone 4 microsim for travellers
- Enjoy your favorite music and internet radio, audiobooks, games and applications while traveling
- Find hotels, museums, restaurants and shops near you and never get lost
- Make calls, Email, Google, Facebook, Twitter and blog anytime, everywhere


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone Review

Surely there has been a time where you’ve needed to control your computer when you don’t have physical access to it (also known as a remote connection). Maybe you forgot to email yourself a document or maybe you wanted to start downloading a file so it’s complete when you’re finally back at your computer. There are 1001 reasons to connect to your computer remotely and it couldn’t be easier using the LogMeIn Ignition iPhone app. Using the app, you can easily control all of your computers, whether Mac or PC, from anywhere! The best part is how easy it was to set up.


Apple iPad App Review - LogMeIn Ignition

Use this app to gain control of the GWizNex InfoRadio:

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How do I connect to my home PC from outside of home?

First you must set up "port forwarding" on your home PC network accordingly, to allow your iPad to connect to the home PC remotely through the firewall. This is an involved procedure recommended only for advanced users, and the procedure will vary depending on your setup. For example, if the setup is xDSL -> home Wi-Fi router -> home PC, then basically you would need to do the following to get through your firewall and connect from outside your home to your home PC:

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Splashtopremote (Control Your PC from the iPad)

A must-have for your iPhone and iPad!
Enjoy all that your computer has to offer - on your tablet or smart phone. With Splashtop® Remote, you can use your iPad or iPhone to:

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Here's a good article about the app and others like it:


Monday, December 27, 2010


Last time we left off in the tale of Windows 7 tablets, we'd taken a look at Netbook Navigator's Nav 9 slate, which by review's end had us not only wanting to send it back as soon as humanly possible, but concluding that something better just had to be on the horizon. Well, as luck would have it, just a few days later CTL's 10-inch 2goPad SL10 showed up on our doorstep with some very promising ingredients -- a capacitive touchscreen, accelerometer, front facing camera, and a Win 7 software layer. As we said in our early hands-on, we've been more impressed with the $499 (it will go up to $599 in late October) 2goPad than we ever thought we would be, but ultimately its Atom N450 processor and its software stand in its way of being the Win 7 tablet to kill 'em all. You'll want to hit the break to read all about it in our full review.


In Media Announce Tablet PC

Whether or not Windows 7 has a place on tablets or not, it isn’t stopping some brave companies from releasing consumer-oriented slate computers running Redmond’s latest operating system. Today, IN MEDIA announced the release of the uncreatively named “Windows 7 Tablet PC”.


Onkyo Windows 7 PC

Onkyo has a habit of launching interesting looking products in Japan which are then never officially released in countries. Fortunately, there are companies out there who are more than happy to purchase Japanese products and pass them onto the rest of the world for a fee. And that’s exactly what exporter Dynamism is doing with the three Windows 7 tablets Onkyo introduced last month.



PC2Me+ Experience the magic synergy of 3 powerful PC access apps in one: Remote Desktop with audio + PC Files + PC Videos and Music. You can launch the GWizNex InfoRadio from your iPhone while driving and use it to surf the internet:


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In-Car PC

"We build and install versatile car computer systems, with features including navigation, tracking, data capture, on-site printing and high speed 3G internet access. Our wide range of car computers support Windows 7 and Windows XP, and are compatible with all types of vehicle, including cars, vans, buses and trucks."

In-Car PC (UK)